I blew off the dust, and I have started the research machine. Which is a lot different now than when I was in high school. To be honest, I’m looking forward to the challenge of uncovering valuable and credible sources to build my knowledge. I also hope the gathered information […]

Abundance Revolution

Round Sky
What’s with these round IDEAS? Getting a good domain for a blog is probably one of the more important aspects of the preliminary opportunities for success. This is no post on how to improve your chances for online dominance, but it is important to know that I took it seriously. […]

Why round IDEAS?

Blank Book
My First Thoughts! No longer an empty book! The first thoughts on roundIDEAS.com, a post that will go down as never read, or quickly forgotten. A post that basically just needs to happen to allow the rest of the posts to get on with it. If you are checking out this blog, […]

First Thoughts