Mike Ririe

Hey! I’m Mike Ririe, and I’d like to welcome you to roundIDEAS.com!

I was born and raised in Utah, and continue to live on the slopes of the Wasatch Mountains. I am happily married to my dream girl, and have three incredible tornadoes as kids, plus another twister on four legs with a wagging tail.

I consider myself as living the “good life” in most respects, but not completely in others. That is why I have started roundIDEAS.com. This is a place where I can explore essential ideas of life, and share them with anyone similarly thirsting for more.

Why? Because I don’t know it all, but it’s out there, and I want to become more fluent in these powerful and enabling ideas. If others can also benefit from a compilation of such moving thoughts, then I will share them gladly.

I hope you would join me in this discussion. I invite you to comment on the posts, or contact me directly if you have a specific way you would like to contribute.

Finally, THANK YOU for coming, and taking an interest in the potential of life. I look forward to many enlightening moments together in the near future.


Mike Ririe