Abundance Revolution

I blew off the dust, and I have started the research machine. Which is a lot different now than when I was in high school. To be honest, I’m looking forward to the challenge of uncovering valuable and credible sources to build my knowledge. I also hope the gathered information brings value to your life. This information here is going to require me to change, it’s going to need an abundance revolution.


The big topic of interest that first drove me into this project was abundance versus scarcity. Why? Because I saw that I had a problem, and I wanted to gather the knowledge necessary to fix it. I committed to transparency… So here it is: The law of scarcity ruled my life.

This law states that there is less than enough. Also scarcity is defined as: the state of being scarce or in short supply; shortage.

Want real examples of a scarcity mindset?

I can look back and see the “scarcity mentality” ruling my life. For example, I have lived for the past 15+ years paycheck to paycheck. My savings account has been bare bones. I have consumer debt, a mortgage, plus student loans, and credit card debt. (None of which are currently growing, but the burden is still there.) I don’t feel like I make enough, thus not allowing me to save enough, or pay down debt any faster. I’m sure you could also say my spending habits could improve. Money is scarce.

Then there’s my employment. I have moved jobs and careers multiple times, but also industries almost as many. The disappointments have stacked up, and the potential “perfect job” gets lost in the vanishing motivation. I look at the job boards, and nothing seems to be just right. I can’t think of “anything else I really want to do.” Opportunities are scarce.

Then there’s my time. I currently work six days a week and it’s long physical labor. I’m all tuckered out each night, and I feel like a zombie on the one day weekends. I have additional commitments to my family and home, plus additional church responsibilities. My time for personal development, interests, or hobbies, or even personal social opportunities seems nonexistent. I stay up late, and wake up late. Time is scarce.

A need for Revolution

Isn’t this ridiculous? I’m not happy with where I am. I feel disappointed, embarrassed, and have lost some energy. Change has seemed impossible, and I have lost a lot of motivation… But a little fire of revolution is still burning deep within, otherwise you would not be reading these words! The motivation that remains is going to nourish that flame, and I’m going to be caught on fire. I know it!

That’s the thing about revolution: it’s a fight for a change. It’s a struggle, a battle, and there will be casualties. It’s non-conforming to the current norm. It’s doing things differently no matter the cost, and no matter the result if your cause is right.

Changing my mind from scarcity to abundance will require a revolution.

What now?

I’ve just started my research, and it has been a productive and enlightening couple of days. Not to mention also motivational and inspiring as I get my feet wet in this new part of my life. There are a lot of powerful minds out there who are sharing great ideas that help give direction to change. I’m excited to share my specific thoughts on what they have to say, but for now, here’s my initial action list for my abundance revolution:

  1. Gratitude – I have learned that gratitude will change someone from negative to positive.
    1. I am going to write three unique things I’m grateful for every day for 21 days.
  2. Generosity – I have learned that the more I give, the more I will receive. And if there really is more than enough, then I have nothing to fear!
    1. I will perform one act of generosity every day for 21 days without any requirement for return. These could include giving time, talents, or resources.
  3. Knowledge of abundance – I have learned that a lack of awareness and ignorance will hold me back.
    1. I will read one blog post a day for 21 days from a list of authors, entrepreneurs, or mind coaches on abundance (names taken from the documentary, The Abundance Factor, which I will discuss in detail later).
    2. I will read out of a book daily for 21 days on a topic that associates with abundance.

I am committed to this. Not only am I researching abundance, but I will be a real life example of whether or not it all works. I think it will.

What’s your action list?

Do you experience a similar scarcity mindset? Can you recognize it in your life? Does the idea of an abundance revolution light you on fire? Is there anything you think you could do to increase your abundance mindset?

I am thankful for you being with me in this revolution. What is your action list?

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