Why round IDEAS?

What’s with these round IDEAS?

Getting a good domain for a blog is probably one of the more important aspects of the preliminary opportunities for success. This is no post on how to improve your chances for online dominance, but it is important to know that I took it seriously. I researched, brainstormed, and wanted to let you know why round IDEAS.

I know domains are limited, but I didn’t want it to basically form a sentence, or have to spell it out every time I say it. I also wanted it to have some meaning and depth so that I could stand behind the brand as it develops. I also wanted something I could visualize graphically, and have some creativity with.

Enough of that, let me tell you why I am round IDEAS.

Round Ideas

Why “ideas?”

First, I needed a name that supported my content. If you haven’t read my First Thoughts, I explain in detail the project this blog will cover. It will revolve around the exploration and sharing of certain thoughts on life, and will be presented in an organized and credible way.

What is an idea? Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines it as:

: an idea, plan, opinion, picture, etc., that is formed in your mind : something that you think of
: the act or process of thinking
: the act of carefully thinking about the details of something

Yes. The content of this project will expand on things I’m thinking of. Things that may begin as observations and opinions, but will grow into more concrete “ideas.”

Why “round?”

This is where the fun comes in, and the opportunity for imagination and creativity. This is where I either limit or expand the perception of “ideas.” Round is not limited to a specific definition, like “red,” “sun,” or even “good.” It has multiple connotations, and the more ways I look at it, “ideas” is enlarged for my purposes. For example:

  • Round suggests shapes like circles, or spheres – All have an never ending or eternal quality to them.
  • Round can also be looked at graphically – I want to explore these topics completely, the full 360 degrees. All the way around.
  • Circles are a natural shape. They’re found in eyes, oranges, the planet, tree trunks, etc.
  • Round reminds me of a snowball rolling down the hill… gaining mass and momentum as it goes.
  • There’s harmony and balance in a circle or sphere.
  • Round table – a great place to bring people together for discussion, coordination, projects, brainstorming, etc.

1 + 1 = Let’s start!

The roundIDEA project is officially underway, and it now has enough introduction that I can actually start getting to the nitty gritty.

So enough from me, let’s hear from you. What do you think of when you hear “round?”

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